Common Council President - Don Moore


Don Moore
Common Council President

Don Moore is seeking election to a third term as President of the Common Council. He has demonstrated his commitment to active, thoughtful, and fair leadership of the Council through the actions taken by the Council during 2010 and 2011, as well as by his reorganization to make the Council more effective in addressing the City’s needs. He has increased shared leadership to increase involvement from all the City’s Wards.

Don offered committee chairs to more members, and increased the number of women chairs from three to five. He presided over every Common Council meeting during his time as President, created and chairs an Economic Development Committee, and participated in almost all of the monthly meetings of the six other Council committees.

Among his Council accomplishments are:
  • In depth consideration of the Hudson Local Waterfront Revitalization Program.
  • Protecting Warren Street as a hub for business growth and development.
  • Overseeing funding and renovation of Washington Hose as a business anchor at the foot of Warren Street with offices for the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce and the Hudson Development Corporation.
  • Serving as a board member of HDC in the transition to new programs, space, and staff.
  • Leading the effort for fair City property tax assessments by guiding approval a city-wide reassessment by an independent revaluation firm.
  • Adopting a local law to prohibit use of loud truck air brakes.
  • Working with the Police Department to suspend alternate side parking on weekends from April thru October.
  • Winning a grant and supervising an energy management program that will save City Government $11,500 a year on electrical bills.
  • Lead passage of a law banning hydro-fracking and the use or storage of  hydro-fracking waste in Hudson.
  • Leading the effort to replace the Ferry Street Bridge and to decrease use of Hudson streets and neighborhoods as a state truck route.
  • Hudson City Democratic Committee
  • Working Families Party
  • Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation - Upper Hudson Central Labor Council
You can reach Don Moore at: